Uncomplicated Stylists Solutions For 2015

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Khan, who's previously teamed up with the LVMH brand three times, immediately recommended Becca. "Every time I leave Houston, it's with a hangover and lots of memories," Khan announced to onlookers in the library. "But tonight we have Krug, so no hangover." Gregory Porter, the aforementioned performer, echoed Khan's sentiments. "They send me boxes and boxes; you wouldn't believe the fights at my house over the champagne." He then launched into his first of four songs, "More Than a Woman," as servers passed Krug Grande Cuveeto attendees including Phoebe Tudor, Lucinda and Javier Loya, Diane Lokey Farb, Neal Hamil, and Adam Lippes - you know, that second fashion designer? Each tune and bottle were paired to hit precisely the right note. Not to be outdone, Uchi's executive chef/owner Tyson Cole gave his own star performance from the Thrash's kitchen. A5 Wagyu beef topped with caviar, yellow tail, and Ora King salmon circled inside the estate's solarium, affectionately known as the "pool room." There, towering fig trees and chipper ranunculus (repotted in Krug wine cases) created a fresh spring scene for the private concert and dining experience. Porter re-appeared between courses to sing "On My Way to Harlem" and "Don't Lose Your Steam" while Krug 1998 and Krug Rosemade the rounds, respectively. Without a doubt, "Liquid Spirit's" toe-tapping melody won out as the soiree's showstopper. Becca sprung to her feet and danced between two tables before directing patrons to the dining room for dessert.


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